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Marysville, Union County is full of great attractions that can easily be accessed from large cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton or Columbus, regional attractions are also conveniently close. The Columbus Zoo, Ohio Cavern and Mad River Mountain are a 15 minute drive, making Union County an appropriate lodging spot for a multi-day trip. Our local eateries are great places to relax after a long day of site seeing.


Union County has five historic bridges all built in the late 1860s and 1870s. This is well above average for the state of Ohio. Four are still in use as a part of the county highway system and are currently well maintained by the Union County Engineer. The historical covered bridges in Union County were designed and built by Reuben L. Partridge (1823-1900) and are based on a design he patented in 1872. The Union County covered bridges all have “windows” cut into the siding. These were added to increase visibility with the advent of automobile traffic. The “windows” have roofs or awnings which serve as protection from the elements.

Bigelow Bridge

(Also known as the Axe Handle Bridge)

This historic bridge was built in 1873 and spans 114 feet of Little Darby Creek. The bridge was named in honor of Eliphas Bigelow, a nearby resident. In 1990 the bridge underwent an extensive renovation. Massive nail-laminated arches were seated into new concrete foundations. The arch system now carries the weight of traffic on this bridge. Be sure to examine the inside of this remarkable bridge! The bridge was painted red in 2008.

Buck Run Road Bridge

This bridge replaces a steel Pratt bridge that was constructed in 1914. This new bridge, built in 2006, is a modified Pratt Truss and spans an impressive 160 feet in length. This bridge is currently the longest single-span wooden bridge in Ohio. The new two-lane covered bridge was built to stand proudly for generations. From the bridge one can enjoy beautiful vistas of the Big Darby Creek!

Culbertson Bridge

(Also known as the Winget Road Bridge) This 94' bridge spans Treacle Creek and was built in 1868 by Reuben Partridge.

There are canopies on both sides of the bridge and scrolls located at each end. The bridge was originally located on State Route 4 and was moved prior to 1953. In 1961 the bridge underwent repairs and piers were added to give extra support. In 1977 a “run around” was constructed for farm equipment and other large, heavy vehicles. In 1987 the bridge was rehabilitated. Glue laminate girders were installed with glue laminated floor beams suspended from the girders.

North Lewisburg Road

In 2006, a new covered bridge was built over Big Darby Creek Scenic River. This new bridge is a modified Pratt Truss with sub-structures built out of the creek. The bridge is 135 feet in length with two lanes to accommodate recent increases in traffic.

Streng Road Truss Bridge

This steel Pratt Truss bridge was built in 1914 and is presumed to have replaced a bridge that was likely destroyed in the flood of 1913. Union County received special recognition for the renovation of this bridge in 1993. All of the original ornamentation and decorative elements are still in place. The bridge spans 200' over the Big Darby Creek and is officially listed as an Ohio Historic Bridge. This is the only non-covered bridge in the nation to have received this recognition.

Thompson Road Bridge

Completed in 2010, this two-lane bridge spans 125 feet and is located in the southeastern part of the county near Ostrander. The bridge was replaced an outdated steel truss, single-lane bridge that was built in 1913. Also known as the Mill Creek Bridge, this bridge was the newest addition to the collection of covered bridges in Union County.

The Union County covered Bridge Blue Grass Festival

Self-guided bridge tours offered throughout the day, Music at the fesival will include bands like Tyler Williams band, Bill Purk and the Muleskinner Band, Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band, Sugar Creek Blue Grass and many more!

Big Darby Plains Scenic Byway

Prior to European settlement in the early 1800s, Ohio contained about a thousand square miles of prairies. These prairies, scattered around the western half of the state, varied in size from a few acres to several thousand acres. One of the largest concentration of prairies occurred in the Darby Plains. Small, but excellent remnants of this prairie ecosystem can be seen today along the Big Darby Plains Scenic Byway.

The main route runs parallel to the state- and nationally-designated Scenic Big Darby Creek for more than 27 miles through Union, Champaign and Madison counties. The byway includes additional spurs totaling over 20 miles and features access to the scenic river, nature preserves and parks. There are also several covered and historic bridges, century farms, cemeteries, and homes of interest along the routes as it passes by North Lewisburg and through Milford Center, Unionville Center and Plain City.

Mad River Mountain

1000 Snow Valley Rd, Zanesfield, OH 43360 (937) 599-1015

Mad River Mountain is a ski and snowboard resort in Valley Hi, Ohio, United States. The elevation of Mad River Mountain is 1,460 feet with a vertical drop of 300 ft, and it has a ski season that runs from December 1 through March 16.


It's my first time. Where should I go upon arrival & what do I need to do?

Once you arrive you can get all the standard items from any of our regular ticket windows. To ski or snowboard you will need to purchase a lift ticket , and if you don't have your own equipment, ask to have a rental included. Group lessons can be purchased at any ticket window, or private lessons can be purchased at our Guest Services counter, which is located inside our Administration building.

Is a lift ticket required if I have not progressed in my skills or plan to ride a chairlift?

Yes, a lift ticket is required for any patron that would like to access the snow surface at Mad River. Beginners can take advantage of our designated learning terrain, and prior to progressing to chairlifts use our magic carpet surface lifts.

I'm a parent whose child is taking a lesson. Do I need a lift ticket to help or watch on the snow?

A valid lift ticket is required of anyone who is on the snow surface at Mad River. Parents may view their children from an off-snow area without needing their own lift ticket, however to watch from the hill or assist on snow, even if you are not skiing yourself, will require a lift ticket. Parents hoping to ride the chairlift with their child will also need to have the proper ski or snowboard equipment in addition to a lift ticket.

How should I dress?

A waterproof top-layer such as snow pants and a jacket are recommended, and underneath it's best to dress in warm layers that you can add or shed depending on the outside temperature. Cotton garments are not recommended as they retain moisture. You'll also need winter accessories like warm socks, gloves and hats. Goggles or sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun, wind or falling snow. Mad River Mountain's on-site retail shop can help equip you with any of these items you have forgotten or do not own. If it's a sunny day don't forget the sunscreen!

What types of shoes do I need?

You can wear any type of shoe to get to Mad River Mountain. Skiing and snowboarding require designated boots that you would either purchase on your own or are included with our equipment rentals. Our rental facility and main base lodge are equipped with coin-operated lockers to store your street shoes while on the hill.

Are helmets required to ski or snowboard?

Helmets are not mandatory at Mad River Mountain but are always a smart choice for safety as well as retaining head warmth. Helmets can be rented for $10/day, or purchased in our retail shop at a varited of price points.

Where is everything located?

Our Main Base Area is comprised of four main buildings including the Administration Building, the Main Base Lodge, the Mountain House and our Rental Facility. Here's a list of what you can find in each:

Administration Building:

Main Base Lodge:

Mountain Annex House:

Rental Facility:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065 Phone: (614) 645-3400

Animal & marine life showcase with a hands-on tide pool, reptile lab, kangaroo walkabout & more.

GPS optional, comfortable shoes a must.

With 10,000 animals in six distinct regions the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is an education and recreational complex that provides a journey for your body and your imagination:

Like any adventure, a little planning can mean a lifetime of good memories. Our visitor tools are here to help you experience the spectacular diversity and fun of the Columbus Zoo any time of year; In comfort, and in awe. Here are some links that will be helpful in getting you started in your adventure!

Ohio Caverns

2210 State Route 245 East, West Liberty, OH 43357 Phone: (937) 465-4017

Ohio Caverns is one of Ohio's most popular tourist attractions. The caverns remain a steady 54 degrees year round featuring some of the most unique formations in America. Guests from around the world come to experience the 35 acre park for an all-day family fun adventure. Purchase Tickets Online

About the Caverns

Concealed beneath the rolling farmland and wooded countryside of Champaign County, Ohio, the caverns were formed thousands of years ago when an underground river cut through ancient limestone and created vast rooms and passageways that later filled with countless crystal stalactites, stalagmites and other amazing formations.

Today, these once-hidden caves are one of Ohio's top tourist attractions — a place unlike anywhere else in the nation, and within an easy day-trip drive of anyplace in the state. The caverns remain a steady 54 degrees year-round, regardless of the surface temperature. The humidity is always above 90 percent, and the air inside the caverns is cleaner than the air above ground — filtered by the water that formed the caves and still drips today. The caverns are the largest in the state, with over 2 miles of surveyed passageways ranging in depth from 30 feet to the deepest point of 103 feet. Special tours take you into the "historic" part of the cave — the portion first discovered and opened decades ago.

The exact age of the caverns, long marketed as the place "Where Nature Carved a Fairyland," is unknown. The Columbus Grey Limestone in which the caverns are carved is some 400 million years old, formed from the compacted remains of the creatures that lived in the shallow seas that covered prehistoric Ohio. The oldest crystal — estimated by the current cave environmental conditions — is 250,000 years old.

The rate of formation for most crystals is unbelievably slow: It takes 500 to 1,000 years for a cubic inch of calcite crystal to be formed. Ninety-five percent of the cavern's formations are still active and growing. The largest and most famous formation in the Ohio Caverns is the Crystal King, a pure white wonder that is one of the largest and most perfectly formed stalactites in any cave, anywhere. Nearly five feet long, weighing an estimated 400 pounds, and estimated to be over 200,000 years old; it drips once every seven to eight minutes.

In addition to being known for their wide variety of colors, from blue to orange to bright white and deep, reddish-black, the Ohio Caverns contain a brilliant array of formations and features — fascinating rock formations, ranging from wavy ribbons of luminous white stone to upside-down forests of tiny straws that twist, turn and curl upon themselves.

There are remarkable "dual formations," combinations of iron-oxide and calcium crystals that are quite rare, unseen in most caves but fairly plentiful in the Ohio Caverns. There is "Fantasyland," a large, open chamber that brims with stalactites and stalagmites. There is the "Palace of the Gods" and the "Big Room," which comprise a half-acre, open chamber packed with a breathtaking array of crystal formations that defy the imagination in complexity and delicacy of design.

Guests from around the world come and visit the 35 acre park with many amenities, but most of all they come to enjoy the natural beauty that lies underground in the Ohio Caverns. Everyone is welcome!

COSI Columbus

333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 228-2674

COSI provides an exciting and informative atmosphere for those of all ages to discover more about our environment, our accomplishments, our heritage, and ourselves. We motivate a desire toward a better understanding of science, industry, health, and history through involvement in exhibits, demonstrations, and a variety of educational activities and experiences. COSI is for the enrichment of the individual and for a more rewarding life on our planet, Earth.

Franklin Park Conservatory

1777 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43203 (614) 715-8000

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden and conservatory located in Columbus, Ohio. It is open daily and an admission fee is charged.

Columbus Museum of Art

480 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 221-6801

The Columbus Museum of Art is an art museum located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Formed in 1878 as the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, it was the first art museum to register its charter with the state of Ohio

Wexner Center of the Arts

Located in: The Ohio State University Address : 1871 N High St, Columbus, OH 43210 Phone : (614) 292-3535

The Wexner Center for the Arts is The Ohio State University's multidisciplinary, international laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art.

Palace Theatre

34 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 Phone : (614) 469-9850

The Palace Theatre is a 2,827-seat restored movie palace located at 34 W. Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. It was designed and built in 1926 by the American architect Thomas W. Lamb as part of the American Insurance Union Citadel.

Ohio Theatre

39 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 469-0939

The Ohio Theatre is a performing arts center located at 39 E. State Street in Columbus, Ohio. Known as the "Official Theatre of the State of Ohio", the historic 1928 movie palace was saved from demolition in 1969 and completely restored.

Southern Theatre

21 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 340-1896

The Southern Theatre is an historic theater located at 21 East Main Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It opened on September 21, 1896 and is the oldest surviving theater in Central Ohio and one of the oldest in the state of Ohio.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

3400 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45220

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the United States and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It opened in 1875, just 14 months after the Philadelphia Zoo on July 1, 1874.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a hall of fame and museum located on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

National Museum of the United States Air Force

1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431 (937) 255-3286

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is the official museum of the United States Air Force located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 6 miles northeast of Dayton, Ohio.

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